Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gettin' Shit Done

I feel the need to give back.
My daughter is alive and doing well since her cancer diagnosis and her future looks bright.
Yes, I just knocked on wood.
My thoughts turn toward giving back to the cancer community.

Last fall we walked in the CureSearch for Children's Cancer Chicago Walk and our team "Hope and Hugs" raised close to $10,000.

I've currently teamed up with some moms from Chicago to help promote a project they started last year. 
They have created the Illinois Childhood Cancer Research Fund.
This fund has been created to provide Illinois childhood cancer researchers with monies to get research projects started.
To research better drugs, treatments, and eventually cures for the various cancers that affect children...everything from leukemia to brain tumors.
To raise this money, they have successfully lobbied to get a Illinois State Tax Checkoff Box on Illinois taxes this year.
But, $100,000 needs to enter the fund or it will be eliminated.
I have contacted various Central Illinois radio stations asking them to air a Public Service Announcement that has been made.
It is narrated by none other than renowned journalist Bill Kurtis! 
He donated his time for this great cause.

I was also interviewed by our local news station, WAND NBC 17, about the project.  
It's how I give back.
We have been lucky so far in our childhood cancer journey.  
Very lucky and we know it.

I have also contacted my good friend Mark who works in Springfield.
He does something very important over there at the state capital (not sure what, he wears a suit to work and he hangs with the Gov. on occasion!) and he's helping me with another project.
He's having legislation drafted up to get a Childhood Cancer Awareness Illinois license plate on the table.
A portion of the cost of the plate that you would buy to put on your vehicle will go towards a childhood cancer research program. 
I'm so excited about this!
When the draft is drawn up, he and I will meet with an Illinois State Senator because the draft needs to be backed by someone.
He's been talking to Andy Manar about this.
So, when the papers are drawn up I'll be heading over to Springfield with Zoe in tow to meet the new Senator with Mark and to plead our case.
For Zoe.
For Jake.
For the kids in Illinois with cancer.
To give back.
I've dubbed 2013 as  "The Year I Get Shit Done."
So far, so good...

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