Sunday, September 9, 2012

For A Cause

It was a beautiful day for a walk.
A walk to raise awareness and money for a cause so dear to us.
Our team, Hope and Hugs for Zoe and Jake, raised over $9,000.
The walk in whole raised over $252,000.
We saw children's photos who had passed away from cancer.
We saw children with sight problems, limps, no hair.
We saw tears from the eyes of those in our group followed by smiles from ear to ear.
A direct line towards the meaning of our team name.
Hope for the future and the smiles it can hold and Hugs for the pain and tears that childhood cancer can bring.
We saw a huge group of kids, parents, families, and friends who have all been touched by this horrendous group of diseases called childhood cancer.
It gave us reason to push forward.
To continue the fight.
To raise awareness and money.
To live our lives with hope.
Followed by lots and lots of hugs.

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