Our Past, Present, & Future

We were a normal and pretty boring family.
We left Chicago for a life in the country.
A life with a rusty old barn and room to run.
A farm that has been in my family for almost a century.
It has changed through the years and it was going to change yet again...

September 7, 2010.
The day that altered our path.
That day we heard the words “your daughter has leukemia” and we knew things would never be as they were.
Having a child with cancer bring on much change, not just in the physical affects that have occurred with Zoe, but it manifests itself into every day life.
We cherish people more.
We don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s just that, small stuff.
We hug more.
Kiss more.
Live life more.
This is who we are and what our farm means to us.
Cheshire Farm.
Where life is lived to the fullest and where we cherish each blade of grass, each bird in the sky as if we hadn’t seen it before.

We now have an almost "real" farm.
Two goats came and then a pony named Buttercup Luck.
We have six hens and hope to see bees in our own hives in the future.
Our two girls, Zoe and Gigi, are becoming country girls through and through.
But we take them to the big city of Chicago on a very regular basis so that they can see how the other half live.  
To taste foods and see things they can't in rural America.

We live on hope, hugs, and sunshine now.
With some pie thrown in for good measure...

Our farm in the 1980's 


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