Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There Are Days...

There are days...

When I use the girls' fruity toothpaste because I simply want a bright and fruity burst in my mouth instead of a harsh and adult minty one.

When my proudest moment of the day as a mother is when I hear my four year old singing along to:
     Thriller by Michael Jackson
     Sparkle and Shine by Steve Earle
     Rumour Has It by Adele
and I know that I am indeed succeeding as a parent in terms of musical appreciation.

When the words that I hear coming out of other parents' mouths is both shocking and not. 
We live in a society that is scared of everything, so much that some parents read books before allowing their kids to read them. 
What is everyone afraid of?
Are these the same people who would join the "Ban Books" club for parents if there was one near them?

When I just scratch my head...like when Gigi says she's going to grow up to be a Princess.
Zoe says "you can't do that!" and I hear myself saying "sure she can! she just needs to get out into the world and hang out where the Princes do and win one over!"
Did I just say that?

When my kids fight like wild badgers over a snake.
Then the next day they get along as sweetly as honey over ice cream.
This is why I'm mentally unbalanced...all moms are like this, right?

When I just need sunshine.
The winter months always drag on and right now I'm using my memories of standing on the pool deck, scooping leaves out of the water with the sun beating down on me, sweat pooling under my boobs, just to get me through these dark and chilly winter days.  

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  1. I know I am mentally unbalanced from all the crazy aspects of parenting!