Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random Tuesday

I have a cold.
Nothing like draining my soul of all energy and spunk like a late winter cold.
I have Gigi to thank. 
She started with the cold.
Passed it to me.
Then to Zoe.
It all really began for me on Saturday when I helped Chad put away 30 bales of hay into the hayloft.
Or the haymow, as my dad calls it.

Sneezeville for me after that.
Then it turned into the cold.
I think it was waiting for a slip up, snuck in there in betwixt sneezes.
So, yesterday I tried to do nothing at all.
I managed to get to the library with the girls since there was a school holiday and if I didn't get them out of the house for a bit there could be heaps of trouble.
It's this time of the year when I really, really, really need to get outside.
But, it's still too cold.
The wind chill has pumped itself up and the temps are going down.

I am keeping my sanity by thinking about trips we are going to take this year...Chicago in March, Columbus at the end of May, Chicago again in July.
We are hoping to take the girls on a fun summer getaway.
We are cancelling our trip to Disney in the Fall.
We really need to pay off Zoe's hospital bills from 2012.
She still needs one more surgery and the bills will return, so we need to get the ridiculous bills out from under us.      

Today I told Chad to start looking online for a new solar cover for the pool.
Another way to keep your sanity in the depths of winter is to look at pool supplies online.
Nothing is more exciting than looking at leaf scoops, algaecides, and floaties in February.
Bring it on.

Downton Abbey.
As my friend Buffy said to me "babies are bad luck for these people."
I knew the actor who played Matthew Crawley hadn't signed on for another season, so when I saw him joyfully driving (too fast!) down the coutnry lane in the convertible I knew that he was done for.
I guess I was wrong in my assumption that Bates may be guilty in the murder of his ex-wife.
Julian Fellowes keeps his audience on their toes!
I thought the best part of the entire 2 hour season finale was when Carson found baby Sybil crying in her crib and he picked her up and took her downstairs.
What a great moment to see the supposed stern and overly structured head butler showing his soft side (he was a singer/dancer in his past, we know he has sides!).


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  1. I am all for thinking about summer! Bring it on! This cold weather has got to go! I have started planning my summer schedule. I know, I'm a weird 4 months ahead planner. The museum did think I was a little odd when I asked last week if their summer schedule was out yet, lol.