Saturday, August 29, 2015

At The Big Kid Store

Zoe got some clothes from the teenager store yesterday. 
I know!!!
It's craziness!
She's going to be 11 soon. 
And she got some Gap jeans in a size 14 recently. 
She has pretty long legs. 
As we were walking around the outlet mall yesterday with grandma, she asked "can we go to that store next?"
That store being Aeropostale. 
For teenagers. 
And hip young adults. 
I didn't think we would find much for her. 
Yet it turned out to be the best shopping deal we had all day. 
As soon as we walked in I saw a tank top with dream catchers on it. 
Dream catchers are her current obsession. 
And it was only $5. 

Hmmm, could this be her new favorite store?
She could fit into XS tops and S leggings. 
She's learned, from her budget conscious mother, to head to the back of a store first to the sale racks. 
We found the most awesome fish shirt for $2. 
For a shirt with fish on it!!

She was excited to find things she liked that fit her. 
She even declared at one point "I'm in the big kid store!"
And that reminded me that even though we were in the teen store, she's still my little girl. 

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