Monday, August 31, 2015

Swimming Into My Last Post

It's the last day of August. 
My kids go to school in 8 days. 
We are going to have a very hot last week of summer. 
We haven't been in our pool lately because the weather has been cooler. 
It's as if Mother Nature has decided that the Pramuk girls need one last hurrah before they start their jobs. 
We have told our kids that school is their job while young. 
And we expect their 100% effort and participation. 
So, as it's the last week of summer here, before the big Labor Day holiday this weekend, we swam today. 
And, as always, mama had her camera out. 

Thanks for reading my month of posts. 
I did miss a few days, but got most of my thoughts covered. 
I have found that when I do a challenge like this, I do write more. 
It's never as hard as it seems. 

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