Thursday, August 27, 2015

"New" Hair Goes To The Salon

My daughter got a haircut today. 
Which is just a normal thing for most people. 
But for us, it's a momentous occasion. 
It's her second haircut and she's 10 years old. 
And it's the first haircut with her "new" hair.

After getting her first haircut at the age of four we never thought that it would be the only haircut that her original hair would have. 
Her golden brown hair. 
It would be gone a year later. 
She would wake up with it all over her pillow after a night of sleeping. 
Brushing it was out of the question. 
It would make her cry. 
It would make me cry for her. 
I collected some of it as it fell out. 
It's tucked away into an old cigar box on a bookcase in the kitchen. 
I call it her "first" hair. 
Chemo caused her hair to fall out three different times. 

Her oncologist said having hair loss twice during 2 years of chemo wasn't rare. 
But three times. 
Doesn't happen too much. 

But, our girl was special so I guess her head needed that "3rd times the charm"

She hasn't wanted a haircut since it's grown back. 
Her doctor wasn't sure if it would grow past her shoulders. 
Sometimes it just stops there if you've had low dose cranial radiation. 
But, her "new" hair defied those odds and has grown to what her "first" hair's length was. 
Her "new" hair is also darker than her "first" hair. 
When your hair falls out from chemotherapy it has the chance of growing in a different color. 
It may be curly when it had been straight before. 
All Zoe hoped for was NOT to have blonde hair like her sister. 
She ended up having "new" hair that was darker in color with natural golden highlights. 

Today we had an appointment at my hair salon. 
Another mom from school cuts my hair at a chic little salon downtown. 
I got my hair cut and Zoe was scheduled for a trim. 
She didn't want layers. 
Nothing too drastic. 
Just an inch off of the ends. 
And blue. 
She wanted it dyed blue. 

So, at 10 am she got her "new" hair cut and colored for the first time. 
And she was beaming. 
And inside I was doing cartwheels for her. 

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