Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Days

I haven't written a post in a while that is simply a "what's been going on" post, so here it goes...

My kids got out of school last week. 
And we have three extra weeks added onto our summer in August because new schools are being built in our district. 
They don't go back until September 8th. 
As I write this, they are in the other room pretending they are in music class. 
And they are screech singing. 
And it's raining outside. 
Help me. 

We saw the movie Tomorrowland yesterday. 
Very good film with action, explosions, and a message worth thinking about. 
That we, people of this planet earth, need to cut the crap and fix what has happened to our home. 
A few days before that, Chad and I watched the movie Still Alice at home. 
Early Onset Alzheimer's. 
An amazing performance and a film that made us both hope that that won't become our future. 
Because it was so scary. 
Scarier than the message seen in Tomorrowland. 

Even with the kids being out of school already and three extra weeks of summer break, when I look at the calendar on the wall it's so full. 
And I didn't really sign the girls up for anything.
They have a 3 hour camp on Thursdays learning about Lewis and Clark.  
Swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 
They have sleepaway camp in July for a week. 
We need to get to Memphis in June. 
We are going to Michigan for a week in August. 
Our friends from Vermont are coming for a few days in July. 
We have a family wedding in August that the girls are in. 
I'm exhausted already. 

But today, I have absolutely nothing to do. 

We had a sick chicken. 
Took her to the vet and she's all better. 
We had a goat with a bloody horn a few weeks before that. 
Took her to the vet and she's all better. 
Here's hoping everyone else in the barn stays healthy. 

Speaking of health, Zoe had a blood draw last week. 
She has horrible veins.
They are deep in her arms and they hide as soon as she enters the hospital. 
It did not go well for her. 
Our nurse friends had to call in Dan. 
I don't know Dan, but we all certainly put the pressure on him to get blood from the girl who doesn't like to give up her blood. 
Dan the phlebotomist. 
He got the job done, but not before suggesting taking it from the big vein in Zoe's hand and her yelling NO!
She had that done once and vowed to never let anyone touch her hand veins EVER again!
Her blood, her veins, her choice I say. 

She (and her sister) raided the toy closet before we left. 
People donate tons of stuff to children's hospitals. 
Sometimes it's the only way people know how to help sick kids. 
After the hospital visit we headed to lunch.
A new place for us. 
Obed and Issac's Microbrewery and Eatery. 
Such a long name. 
A restaurant in a big house right in downtown Springfield, Illinois.  
A block away from Abraham Lincoln's house. 
We had great service and great food and will definitely eat there again. 
Since Abe's house was right across the street, we headed over for tickets to see inside. 
The girls have been inside twice before, but between their young ages and Zoe's chemo brain, they both couldn't remember taking the tour.  
Abraham Lincoln's home and neighborhood are the only National Park within the state of Illinois. 
It's free to get in, but you need a timed ticket and can only get in while on a tour given by a National Park Park Ranger. 
They even wear those cool wide-brimmed hats you see Rangers wearing at Yellowstone and those other parks with lots of trees and wolves and giant waterfalls. 
Each time my kids go into this house, even the times they don't remember, they giggle about the chamber pots under the beds. 

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