Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Are Human

I was watching a show on television last week and they had an interview with the author Judy Blume. 
She's written a new adult fiction novel. 
But it's based somewhat on some factual airplane accidents that occurred in the neighborhood that she grew up in as a child. 
The neighborhood that inspired her to write teen novels involving menstrual cycles and letting boys touch your boobs. 
But she said two sentences at the very end of her interview that really struck me. 
Struck me so much that I searched for a pen to write them down. 
Two sentences that are basic yet so powerful. 
Two sentences that will mean much to anyone who hears them, I think. 

"There's joy in life after terrible things happen. 
We are human and we must go on."

I think of parents who have lost a child. 
Or children. 
A child who has lost a parent. 
Or parents. 
Great tragedy, I believe, really occurs when someone you love has died.  
Especially before you or anyone else believes that that person has lived enough life. 

Tragedy also comes with illness. 
From the trauma of a natural or man-made disaster. 
From horrific accidents or decisions that lead to despair. 
Drug addiction. 
Cancer in a child. 
Tornados and terrorist bombings. 

Humans are resilient. 
Humans must move forward or they will cease existing in this world. 
And it may take time to pull your bootstraps back up. 
To get your sense of self back. 
To learn how to breathe again. 
But we do. 
We all do. 
Because there is joy in the world after terrible things happen. 

Babies are born. 
The flowers bloom with each spring season. 
The wind blows a cool breeze on your face on a hot day. 
You learn to appreciate the small things. 
The regular moments in life. 
You laugh at a movie. 
You hug a horse. 
You get a puppy. 
And life goes on...

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  1. Beautiful. Those two sentences are so right. Love the photo.