Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Drooling Pony

Our horse is drooling. 
Like Niagara Falls drooling. 
She's drooling on the gate. 
She's drooling on the goats. 
She whips her head around and anything in her way gets drooled on. 
Like my legs. 
And arms. 
She's creating lakes of slobber in the stall that I had initially thought were lakes of pee. 
And I said to her angrily a few days ago "Buttercup!  This has got to stop!  Go outside to pee!"
But it's not urine. 
It's drool. 
All caused from this...

Our pasture has a lot of clover in it this summer. 
And the clover has gotten a fungus. 
Some fancy name called rhizoctonia. 
Our pastures are ripe for this as we've had a lot of humidity and little rain at the beginning of the growing season. 

We noticed that Buttercup was licking a lot and drooling last month. 
So, like we always do, we looked in our Horses For Dummies book. 
Why aren't drooling horses in the dummy books?
I'm a dummy when it comes to horses and I need this kind of information. 
So, I turned to the internet. 
And found rather quickly the link between clover and drooling. 
So, we took her off the pasture and fed her in the stall. 
And she stopped drooling. 
And we learned there's nothing to do for a drooling clover pony. 
It will pass. 
And the clover fungus will die off. 

We put her back on the pasture a week later and she did fine. 
Until this week. 
When the overload of slobber started up again. 

She begins to lick obsessively. 
And the slobbering starts. 
And don't you dare pull her lip back. 
Because when you do...out gushes 42 gallons of viscous, grass tinged, sloppy, wet drool. 

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