Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturated Love

It feels like early Spring outside today. 
Not the day before Christmas Eve. 
It's a mud-filled mess in our barnyard. 
I prefer frozen solid ground in December. 
We ventured outside this morning to relish in this warm day. 
It's supposed to snow tomorrow. 
Which is what should be happening. 
There's a golden hue to the light today. 
I can't quite put my finger on it. 
After every picture I took I was saying "huh, what's this all about?"
I checked to make sure some filter wasn't on on my phone. 
I use my iPhone to take pictures. 
Can't ya tell?
But there was no filter set. 
This is just the light today. 
It's as if the earth is lit from the ground up. 
Everything is saturated in color.
Which I love. 
Maybe everything is saturated in love. 
Yeah, that's it. 
A saturation of love. 
Merry Christmas. 

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