Monday, December 15, 2014

My Lost Mind

I was going to look up something on Google. 

But I don't know what it was. 

Was it food related?

Or a trip destination?

I've tried backtracking in my own mind. 

Like retracing my steps without getting up. 

The steps in my crowded mind. 

Geesh, it's standing room only full in here. 

I keep getting stuck on salted caramel fudge bites. 

Not stuck like I stepped on one. 

Like one I ate an hour ago. 

And I can taste that bright sea salt meshed in with the fudgey caramel as it oozes out from the chocolate shell. 


Was I going to look up a turtle?


Not a turtle.

Why would I be looking up a turtle?

My Christmas shopping list?

I don't want to think about that. 

Can't be that. 


I'm bound to think of it sooner or later. 

Bound feet. 

How did those Chinese gals wear such small shoes?

In that book I'm reading their feet bleed. 

From being bound. 

I have huge feet. 

I would have been single. 

What's that smell?

Is the dog sitting by me?

Oh gawd, she is. 

She stinks. 

I should tell the vet. 

Was I going to look up the wounded warrior project?

Or was it project runway?

I really love that show. 

I wish I could make clothes. 

I can't even sew on a button. 

Well, kind of. 

Don't look too closely at my buttons. 



My butt is getting big. 

Too big. 


I was going to Google exercise classes!


I thought I was losing my mind for a minute there...


  1. go look up chinese bound feet images.....crazy! I'd be single too.

  2. It was awful to do! Amazing that they did it! I snapped this photo at the field museum a few weeks ago. They are so tiny, maybe 3 inches long!

  3. Can you imagine intentionally hurting your children for years like that? I know that moms probably thought it was a necessary pain and they were doing it for their daughters best in the long run. I just cannot imagine feeling the (Maybe I should show these to my daughter when she complains about how tough I am????)