Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Year Ending

It's the last day of the year. 
It's the day that you are supposed to reflect on the ups and downs of the last 364 days. 

Well, I still didn't exercise like I should have. 
And I did eat more than was necessary. 
But, I have begun drinking more water. 
That's a plus, right?

My kids got a year older. 
And so did I. 
But I managed to keep up with them on an eight day trip to Disney World. 
This mama can ride coasters till the cows come home. 

Speaking of cows, I have bought and cooked more beef this year than I have ever in my life. 
Nothing fancy like T-bone steaks. 
Are T-bone steaks fancy?
I don't know. 
But I know I have loved eating beefy nachos for dinner. 

I got a job this year. 
The first one since Zoe was born nine years ago. 
And Zoe has had a great year with less medical issues. 
Chemo is done and she's just had blood draws. 
Her hair is long and dark and she won't cut it. 

Gigi had a year of firsts. 
She began kindergarten. 
She's very bright and loves to learn. 
She struggles almost daily with anxiety, though. 
She began playing the piano with lessons at Millikin University with Professor Sam. 

She flew on an airplane for the first time. 
She said next time, she wants to drive to Florida. 
She wasn't a fan of high altitude ear popping. 
She went to sleepover summer camp with Zoe in July. 
A week away from mom and dad at a camp full of kids who have had cancer, who are currently in treatment, or who (like herself) are a sibling of a childhood cancer patient. 

Our car didn't fall apart. 
That's always a plus. 

We got chickens. 
Eight chicks were brought home from the farm supply store in the spring. 
One turned out to be an asshole rooster. 
He became dinner. 
Another drowned in the water trough. 
So, we have six gals who give us fresh eggs everyday. 
They are out in the pasture and yard eating all sorts of great things. 
Their egg yolks are amazingly neon yellow. 
It's like a sunburst in each shell that's opened. 

We had a duckling for about a week.
He was found by my niece and nephew in a car dealership parking lot. 
He was the sweetest thing and I don't really know if it was a he instead of a she.
The girls named it Rutiger. 
Gigi kicked him when they were playing with him outside. 
He died instantly. 
It was the saddest thing to see these sisters go through. 
Gigi running to me while scream crying "I KILLED RUTIGER!" 
He was a good duck. 

We spent quite a bit of time at The Field Museum in Chicago. 
My parents gave us a membership for Christmas 2013. 
Zoe loves anything Egyptian and Gigi loves the stuffed animals from all over the globe. 
This Christmas my parents bought us a Shedd Aquarium membership. 
We are heading there tomorrow to see the amazing water creatures it houses. 
We haven't been inside it's walls in 7 years. 

2015 should be just a regular year for us. 
Fingers crossed that cancer stays away. 
And that we can venture to see some Panda Bears as Gigi is obsessed with them. 
She wanted one for Christmas and asked Santa for a baby panda. 
She didn't seem deterred when I told her we didn't have any bamboo and that we would have to ask China first. 

Happy New Year to you!
May it be a generous, relaxing, adventurous, fulfilling year!

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  1. Beautiful as always. Loved your description of the eggs. What a cool Christmas gift from your folks!!!!!