Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goat Danglies

When we got our goats they were 6 months old. 

And goats are considered livestock here, so they had a tag in their ear. 

An IL Dept of Agriculture tag with a number. 

And we were told "Do Not Take The Tag Out!  Ever!" 

So, I took it out. 

About 6 months later anyway. 

And Tulip and Yogurt have these holes in their left ears. 

That you can see through to the other side. 

I've thought about adding an adornment. 

But, would they eat the pretties off of one another?


Or would it get stuck on the fence?

That would be a nightmare. 

I'm a modern hobby farmer really. 

My chicken nesting boxes have curtains. 

I play classical music and NPR in my barn on an old stereo. 

And I'm thinking of starting a goat earring line. 

Goat Danglies. 


That's kind of what happens to their poo when it comes out. 

Bad name. 

I'll keep thinking...

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