Monday, September 8, 2014

A Disney Trip Middle

We have stood in so many lines to see so many different Disney characters I believe my husband's knees gave out around 2:45 today. 
His knees!
They gave out!

The heat in Florida is like oven heat. 
I'm used to something else, I guess. 
Corn reduction/woodland greenery heat?
Anyway, it's probably intensified by all of the concrete I've been surrounded by since last Friday. 
The rain comes every single day. 
My friend Mark from high school, who now resides in Orlando with his hubs Tom, sends me a radar rain report daily in my FB messages. 
Luckily, and we aren't always in that camp, we've missed many of the huge downpours. 
We've been in restaurants. 
Or shows. 
But, we have had to pull out the umbrellas and ponchos and my rubber CROC sandals have been a godsend. 

Sunday, September 7th. 
The 4 year anniversary of Zoe's cancer diagnosis. 
She spent the day at Epcot in Disney World. 
Oblivious to the date. 
To the anniversary. 
She was instead engulfed in fun with Princesses.  
She traveled to Japan, France, and England. 

She went to space and soared over California. 
She celebrated life and the fact that she still had hers. 
As our day ended and we walked to the shuttle to head back to our resort, she literally was signing and dancing in the rain. 

Oh, and I had some orgasmic French Macarons. 
Heaven in a box...


  1. Normally not this hot, you brought this with you from Illinois....

  2. I love the picture in France!