Friday, September 5, 2014

A Disney Trip Beginning

We've been at the Wonderful World of Walt for a day and a half so far. 
It's rained a lot so it's a good thing we have ponchos and umbrellas...

Besides rain we've also dealt with...
A crabby-ass five year old who sneers when you ask to take her picture just about anywhere. 

A grandma who doesn't want to ride anything but wants to watch you ride everything. 
A crabby-ass five year old (same as one above) who begs to ride Expedition Everest three times and cries three times.
A grandma who forgot her umbrella and the sunscreen in her room. 
A crabby-ass (you know who) who doesn't ever want to fly on a plane again.
But I'm not walking home, kid. 

There's also been this...

 And this...

And La Fou's Brew. 
And Mickey pretzels. 
And dancing in Africa. 
And a safari through the savannah. 
And my oldest daughter saying "I'm so glad we're here!"
And that crabby-ass five year old declaring "this is THE BEST RIDE EVER!" while floating along in a boat through It's A Small World. 
What a magical day and a half it's been. 

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