Friday, September 12, 2014

A Disney Trip Ending

Eight days in the land of Mickey Mouse. 
Eating extravagantly. 
Drinking cold drinks until your brain freezes. 

Soaring on roller coasters that looped and made us scream. 
Riding a tower of terror and laughing about it. 
Seeing princesses and a bear who adores honey. 
Traveling to various countries all in the blink of an eye. 
Marveling that my daughter rode a waterslide that even grown men wouldn't attempt. 

It was hard for me to leave Disney World. 
Where your day is greeted by singing and dancing, streamers and fireworks. 
I could see that every day of my life. 
And I doubt it would get old.
There's a joy when you take your young children to a special place like this. 
Yes, it's expensive. 
Yes, it's touristy. 
Yes, it's hot and you sweat in unmentionable places. 
But, when your five year old wants to ride It's A Small World over and over and you see her beaming like this...

You have hope. 
Is she marveled only by the costumes and songs?
Or is she a future ambassador of global unity?
Well, when she's done taking a selfie, I'll let you know...

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