Thursday, May 15, 2014

More 365 Pictures For Ya!

Monday, Tulip and I had "a moment."
She's a real lover. 
She likes to bury her head into whoever will sit with her and just be petted and petted and petted. 
She's tried to climb into my lap before. 
She loves being with people. 
Her sister is not nearly as sweet. 

On Tuesday Zoe had her Spring Millikin Preparory Concert. 
She played two piano pieces. 
The ages in this season's recital varied from a 5 year to some silver-haired gentlemen. 
We heard piano, trumpets, a violin, and three singers this year. 

Wednesday I went to Target. 
I keep my bags very close to me in the car cause I love them so. 

Thursday I had a lunch date. 
With a super gal who stuck her face in her bag, drooled on her crackers, poo-pooed the applesauce she was offered, waved to the patrons and gave me high fives. 
My friend Jill's niece, Ruby. 
We've had a few lunch dates and she's getting cuter and cuter each time I see her. 

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