Monday, May 12, 2014

Poison Ivy And The Newsroom

The poison ivy is here!
The poison ivy is here!

On Friday we went to Charleston, home of Eastern Illinois University. 
Zoe won 2nd place for 3rd grade in the PBS Kids Writers Contest. 
Her story was about a mysterious house that held adventure behind every door. 
We got a tour of the WEIU PBS studios afterwards. 
The kids got to see how a news program is made and did a weather forecast on the green screen. 
And the radio DJ was on the air and the kids got to yell out "PBS Kids Rock" into the live microphones. 
It was a very cool tour!

Saturday after dance class we headed to Millikin University. 
Zoe has a piano recital in a few days and there was a rehearsal in the chapel where the recital is held. 
I'll be a nervous wreck on recital night. 
My stomach will be in a big knot, I will feel slightly nauseous. 
Just hoping she doesn't mess up her two songs. 

Mothers Day. 
The two amazing reasons I'm a mother today. 

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  1. Congrats Zoe! You are obviously a girl of many artistic talents!