Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quotes And Kids

Recent things out of my kids' mouths...


Watching a guy crawl over a small fence to get to the sidewalk...
"He's gonna bust his round thing that holds his pee!"

Seeing a picture on the news of Mick Jagger and his girlfriend L'Wren Scott. 
"What happened?"  
She died 
"Who died?" 
the lady 
"which lady?"
"The old lady?"
(If you're not following her strange thought patterns here, she thought it was two ladies and that lady Mick had died.)

"Croc a doodle do you got a big butt"


You left out P
"No I didn't, it's in my pants."
-followed by hysterical snort-inducing laughter from her-

"I need a new butt, mine has a crack in it."
-more snort-induced laughter-

Oh, thank you, THANK YOU public school for all of Zoe's knowledge.  

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