Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Pictures

On Monday, Firecracker was found sunning under the heat lamp while lying over the chicks. 

On Tuesday, Yogurt had an itchy neck. 
The concrete water trough makes the very best scratcher around. 
Tulip had just used it to scratch her butt. 

On Wednesday, Gigi found this toy at Walmart. 
She ran up to me "Mom, you've got to see this, it's so gross!"
"Who would want that?" she asked. 
Ummm, not us honey. 

Today it's been raining all day. 
I bought this coat last year, but rarely wore it for some reason. 
I'm gonna wear it, by gosh!
I snapped this shot of myself in my new-old trench coat as I walked by a big reflective door today. 


  1. Love all these stories/pics, except the doll/poop one! ;) That dang cat!

  2. The cat picture made me laugh! I appreciate that in total feline fashion, he does not even acknowledge you are there.

    If Gigi says it is gross, it is indeed gross.