Monday, March 31, 2014


Things I've noticed...

Boat people wave to one another. 
Hey, look!
We've got a boat too!
We like water, too!

Motorcyclists wave to each other. 
It's a "hey, you're cool like me" wave. 
Low to the ground. 
Like a highway high five. 

School bus drivers from opposing districts do not wave to one another. 
Is there a common understanding..."Don't wave to district so-and-so, they cheat on their ISATS!" or "their so-called leather seats are actually pleather!"

Garbage men driving for different companies do not. 
I don't get that one. 
Garbage should be universal, right?
We all got it. 

Sometimes I notice people waving to me as I wait for them to pass my driveway. 
Umm, hi?
Are we acquainted?
It's a country thing, really. 
City folk don't wave. 
They yell, throw middle fingers, or laugh as you drive by with your coat sticking out of the door. 

You know who else waves?
The Amish. 
Drive by a summer-time yard full of Amish and they'll stop what they're doing and wave. 
It's kinda creepy. 
Wait, do Amish and creepy belong in the same thought?

Do pilots wave when they pass in the big blue sky?
Can they see each other up there?
Do birds do a flutter wave to one another as the zoom past one another?

We wave to strangers walking in a parade. 
We wave to airplanes flying high in the sky as we stand as ants on the ground. 
Well, me and my kids do, anyway. 
Yet, we don't normally wave at the mailman. 

Some thoughts for you on this Monday. 
You're welcome...

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  1. I smile when I make eye contact with someone even if I don't know them. Michael says this is weird and makes others uncomfortable....I could say the same about him! :)