Saturday, March 15, 2014

Three Dogs And A Goat

This is my cousin's dog. 
His name is Eisen. 
I love him. 
And his three legs. 

I realized I didn't take any other photos on Thursday except for the ones I took about Willie  eating trees (see previous post). 
So here's Willie again. 
He has a few nicknames...
Willy Wonka

Friday Gigi decided that the dogs needed their teeth brushed. 
I actually have dog toothpaste. 
It's poultry flavored. 
Lola was way more cooperative than Willie. 
Future dentist?

Saturday we needed to trim the goats hooves. 
We just plop them onto Chad's lap and I cut away. 
I think "real" goat folks have a stand that the goat can walk onto and then you can tie the goat up and trim their hooves that way. 
We ain't got no stand. 
We have Chad's lap. 
It was so much easier for him when these two goats were babies.