Monday, March 17, 2014

Paint Me A Sub!

Some things I need to do this spring and summer...

Paint our piano. 
It's brown and boring and brown. 
This blue color looks cheery and seems like it would fit right in at our house. 

Speaking of house, I need to scour the thrift stores and antiques shops for older wooden chairs for our dining room table. 
And I'll paint them. 
In different colors. 
Because it's fun. 

I think I also want to try doing a plate wall. 
Just like in the picture above. 
Currently our dining room walls hold an array of my childrens' drawings and artwork. 
I think we all need a change.
And a new coat of paint. 
Thrift stores again for those plates. 

I just called our regional office of education to inquire about becoming a substitute teacher once Gigi goes to school in the Fall. 
There's a lot involved. 
It will cost about $240 to get on the sub list. 
I think. 
I was a bit confused. 
Maybe I'm not cut out to be a sub. 
I'll need to go online for a license. 
Get a physical.
A TB test (shouldn't this just be for someone who has recently been out of the country?)
A criminal background check.
Transcripts from my university. 
I just want to read off of the list the regular teacher leaves me on her desk the day she's gone and needs a sub. 
I'm not going to really teach ya know. 

Back to my dining room/kitchen. 
That sub stuff has me beat. 
I have no cute backsplash in my kitchen. 
It's a white wall. 
I want this...

Or this...

I think I like the top one better. 
The bottom seems too fancy for my country kitchen from 1960. 
I think I'll just go out and buy a few sheets of it at a time. 
Chad is going to have so much fun putting it up. 
I just know it. 


  1. Where oh where did you see the top back splash? Super cute! Mine is just a white wall too and I'm dying to spruce it up but Lowes and Menards just seem to have the same ol same ol boring stuff. I'm thinking of looking at the craft shows this year and see if anyone has any neat painted tiles that I could incorporate into a back splash, just randomly to spruce it up! Good luck with the fun ideas - I need to start getting this place together - I haven't even hung much on the walls unless there was a nail there - then thats where something hung. haha

    1. I saw these tiles at Lowes. Only $8 for a 12x12 sheet.
      They look the easiest to put up!

  2. My MIL has these plastic self adhesive tiles as a back splash in her kitchen. They were super easy to put up and look fairly decent She got them at Home Depot or Lowe's. Nice to not have to mess with grout.