Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Parenting-How I Do It...Part 4

This final post in my parenting series is just a hodge-podge of me and my parenting behaviors...

My biggest goal with children rearing is this three word sentence...
Raising independent girls. 
I've started early. 
I try to free-range parent. 
I let them use the bathroom at Target or Walmart or the movie theater alone. 
When Zoe is with me I let her go into our local drugstore alone to buy stamps and mail our letters. 
I wait in the car. 
I'm gearing them up for the future. 
Small things lead to bigger things. 
I want them to leave. 
To see the world. 
To hear and smell and experience things I never have. 
And I know I'll mourn when that day comes. 
But it's what I've always wanted.  
It's what every parent, I think, hopes for. 
It's a life I never got to live...to go beyond these walls. 

A thing about me...I'm not a big "baby" person. 
I don't like baby-sitting infants. 
I don't enjoy the drools and cries and while I like the squishiness of babies, I prefer people who can talk. 
Who I can have a conversation with. 
I like toddlers. 

My parenting pitfalls. 
Sometimes I forget to feed Gigi breakfast. 
I'm not a big morning food person. 
Is she?
I should see sometimes. 

Sometimes I yell too much. 
I curse way too much. 
Sometimes I'm yelling and cursing all at the same time. 
At my kids.
Not fun. 
Maybe I'm too lenient with letting my kids hear the curse words. 
I'm not an alcoholic. 
I'm not a drug user. 
I'm present at all times. 
And I have a type A personality. 
To the umpth degree. 
It's my faulty gene. 
I don't openly express my 
I let it build up. 
And then explosions happen. 
These days are few and far between, but I feel bad when I finally burst open. 
Anger is my emotion. 
I should probably take some anger management classes. 
I feel horrible if I yell. 
Especially if I curse-yell
I apologize to them. 
And hope I'm not causing life-altering harm to them. 
And I try to remember that I'm just a person. 
In charge of two other persons. 
And I'm not perfect by any means. 
And I hope tomorrow is better. 

This is part four in a series I'm doing simply titled "parenting...how I do it."

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