Friday, March 21, 2014

A Week In Review

Sunday I made these green cupcakes in preparation for Monday. 
Monday, the day everyone wants to be Irish. 
St. Patrick's Day!
My husband is half, my kids a quarter. 
Me, nada. 
But, I can dance a jig pretty good. 

Monday, Gigi and I stopped off at this little pet shop on our end of town. 
Lots of aquatics, a guinea pig for $40. 
Rats, mice, hamsters, and pet supplies. 
Here's some of the aquarium highlights...

A white lobster...looks like a crawfish to me. 
Some poor little frogs someone injected with dye to make them rainbow frogs. 
They look sad.

I have no idea what this thing is. 
But it's big. 

A bunch of fish. 

Another I don't know. 
So strange!

Tuesday I was making a grocery list. 
I was looking through the fridge and yelled over to Gigi to write down that we needed salad. 
She did a good job adding it to my list. 

Wednesday-Gigi's "bones"

Thursday I was driving home from the south and saw this...

My house!
My barn!
Good thing this sign had been put in my yard earlier in the day or I would have been freaking out!

I met some fab ladies for lunch at a new place downtown. 
Pretty yummy meal and pretty marvelous chatter. 


  1. Looks like a great week!
    I am waaaaaaay impressed that your preschooler is helping to write a shopping list!

    What did you eat the new restaurant?

    Hey, how is the preparing to sub stuff going?

  2. I had the tacos, duck and chicken!
    I have done zilch about the subbing so far.