Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Week So Far

This is how me and my man watch The Academy Awards. 
A Sunday night laying in bed. 
In our jammies. 
With cat hair on our pillows. 
Stop being jealous of my life. 
Stop it I say!

Monday I had some strawberries that were starting to get soft and I peeled a kiwi for Gigi. 
I threw in some carrots that I had bought especially for the critters in the barn. 
And I took that to them Monday afternoon for a snack. 
They LOVE fresh fruits and veggies on a cold winter afternoon. 
Anyone would crave crisp, sweet fruit when all winter long they've just been eating dried up grasses. 

Fat Tuesday. 
Here's my Mardi Gras meal...pecan crusted pork, some delish spicy red beans, dirty rice, jambalaya, and a piece of King Cake. 
I think I had about 5 pieces of that cake. 
I was indulging!
As Gigi indulged in the free necklaces that were given out that night.

Wednesday I snapped this shot of rural Americana at it's finest. 
This is the town that Gigi goes to school in. 
Just a railroad track and some grain bins along Main Street (or Front Street in this town.)
Nothing fancy and yet people love it here.
It's quiet. 
And has a few restaurants. 
And a dirt racetrack/speedway that's quite famous. 

My lunch date. 
I have no words...

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