Friday, March 7, 2014

Another School Bully

Another year older. 
Another year at public school. 
Another girl.
Another bully. 

We tried letting Zoe work through it. 
But, big mama had to step in. 
To let those in charge at school in on this bully girl's secret. 
That she's sad/mad/scared of something and feels like she has to take it out on my daughter and a few other girls. 
I am never intending to fight my daughter's battles for her. 
We have given her tools and advice to deal with mean girls.
Zoe is sweet. 
And sensitive. 
And not an "in your face" type of person. 
The bully was getting worse. 
Zoe cried at recess. 
Damn you recess!
It's my kid's hardest part of her day. 
I get stomach knots thinking about it. 
I always ask her about recess at the end of her school day when she's tucked safely into our sky-blue minivan. 
But it's third on the list...I go with "how was that test? Lunch? first so my concern isn't too obvious. 

So I called the principal. 
She called Zoe into her office. 
Then spoke to the bully.
Then called all four girls involved into her office and everyone apologized.
I was told that there were also tears from the bully. 
Maybe I'm a naysayer, but...I don't think the girl bully has changed too much. 
Zoe said she's not being mean anymore. 
All is good!
Oh sweet, innocent, sensitive daughter of mine. 
I love her positive outlook. 
But I know what's happened. 
The bully knows she's being watched. 
It's just like what happened to the other girl bully last school year. 
A grown up came into the picture and the bully became intimidated by this. 
Girls can be very mean to other girls. 
They use words and give "looks" and isolate friends from one another. 
And a mean girl isn't going to change overnight. 
And unfortunately you can't trust everyone who says sorry. 
There are many lessons to learn in life. 
There are many people to encounter who have their own stories and problems and insecurities. 
And sometimes they thrust their problems onto you. 
Just be yourself Z. 
Your sweet, sensitive, honorable, powerful, smart, beautiful self. 
Let those mean girls look up to YOU. 
Show them what a true friend is. 
And smile, smile, smile always...


  1. so glad that you are the type of mamma who is aware this even happening. how wonderful to leave school and climb into that blue minivan with a mom waiting to ask you about your day!