Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three More Days...

Thursday Zoe and I were back at the hospital. 
The hospital where we have spent countless hours at since September of 2010.  
A place we had never set foot in before and a place that now feels like a second home. 
Zoe likes to go to the 5th floor to visit the nurses. 
We had a press conference in her doctor's office on the main floor and so we headed up in the elevator to see who we could see. 

We received Zoe's paperwork that needs to be filled out for Camp COCO.  
The summer camp that she goes to for children with cancer and blood disorders.
But there were TWO applications in it this year!
If you have cancer and get invited to Camp COCO you can have your sibling come as well. 
When your sibling is six years old. 
Well, Gigi is only five. 
Was there a mistake?
When we were at Zoe's doctor's office on Thursday I asked the nurses about this. 
No mistake. 
They want Gigi to come this summer. 
So, Friday I began filling out two Camp COCO applications. 

It's raining and slushy and blah out. 
I took Zoe to dance class. 
She was going boot shopping with grandma and grandpa after dance. 
They picked her up at class. 
The roads are okay. 
So, I went to the mall. 
No one was there. 
I went to Target. 
Again, pretty empty for a Saturday. 
But McDonalds had a line. 
And I was in it. 


  1. I wanna go to Camp CoCo!!!!!!! :)

  2. I am so excited for the girls!!!!! Yeah for great nurses, Camp CoCo, and McDonalds!