Monday, February 3, 2014

I Can't...

I can't...

Find the remote for the tv. 
I have the remote for the Direct TV. 
But where's the remote for the tv?
I'll find it in like two months. 
In a drawer. 
In the basement. 

Seem to find the will to exercise. 
I wish it were warm and I could GO OUTSIDE!
I need you. 
Oh, and a jazillion bucks to get there. 

Stop watching Breaking Bad. 
But we will be forced to soon. 
We just finished watching the second to last season. 
Well, it's season five, but it got broken up into two parts. 
What are we going to watch next?
And how can we make as much money as Walter White?
Without the drugs. 
And the killings. 
I have had an idea, but Chad won't do it.

Believe the wonderful response we've gotten from the license plate campaign. 
It's crazy to talk to reporters and then see yourself on television or to see your picture in the paper. 
I actually haven't seen the television stuff. 
I've done this tv thing in the past and have learned not to watch myself on replay. 
I'm too critical of what I look like and sound like. 
But, it's part of the process. 
I want this to be a reality and I'll do what I can to get the word out. 
And I'm humbled by people saying positive things about me as a person. 
But I'm not special. 
I'm a mom. 
Who had to watch her daughter struggle through hell and who found her way out. 
And like Zoe's oncologist said at the press conference on Thursday..."it can be mind numbingly dull sitting in a hospital room day in and day out with a sick child. You can either hide in the dark and feel sorry for yourself or you can be positive and do something."
I just did something. 
With help from others. 
Because I had to. 
Because my daughter has her life. 
Because without her, my life would be dark. 
I'm doing it for the moms who have been pushed out of the light...

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  1. Thanks for "doing something." Love that about you!!!!