Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chinese Laundry - Gun Hay

It was freakishly warm on Sunday when our friends, The Latimers, came over.
Warm is a relative term since it had been in the negative numbers around here. 
So what better thing to have the kids do...go stomp in the mud behind the barn. 
We ate Chinese food to celebrate the Chinese New Year which begins tomorrow.
Carla declared to the kids WHY we were eating Chinese food for lunch. 
None of the kids said a thing. 
I heart The Latimer Gang.  

Monday I needed to do laundry. 
I was getting smart-aleck comments by a certain almost nine year old (I won't name names!) about not having any pants. 
Bitch and Moan...
Here's your laundry kid.   

Tuesday there still wasn't school because of negative temperatures. 
Gigi couldn't take it anymore so she got her guns a'blazin.
*no dogs were harmed in the making of this picture or after I put the camera away.*

This was my morning today. 
We needed more hay and so Chad and my dad drove over to Charlie's barn. 
Charlie used to own our pony and he and his wife gave the pony to Zoe for her Make A Wish. 
He has a huge hay barn and we buy our hay from him every year. 
Chad throws it up to the hayloft and I drag it onto the pallets. 
My hands smell like sweet hay when it's all over. 


  1. 'we just want to eat the damn food, mom!' ;) Yeah, he has some albino chicken legs! :)

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend. I love to see arms thrown up while playing in the mud! Mud!!!!