Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stripes and Static Hair At The Movies

As we were waiting for Zoe's piano teacher to arrive for class Thursday (she teaches a beginning music class for Millikin students right before Zoe's lesson) I noticed how stripey my daughter looked. 
She's not one to shy away from bold color or patterns in her dress. 
Neither of my girls are. 
I've always let them find their own voice within their clothing styles. 

Friday we got another huge snowfall. 
And what better way to spend a winter snowstorm, but at the movies. 
Only two other families showed up to watch The Lego Movie. 
It was well worth the snowy drive to the theater!

Saturday we went to the mall. 
My mom and I had seen some cute Easter dresses at Von Maur the week before. 
Not wanting to let these dresses get away, we took the girls out to try them on for Grandma to purchase. 
The early bird gets the worm...or in this case the cutest dresses. 
And Zoe got a bad case of "staticky hair due to trying on clothes in the dry days of winter."  

Sunday was warm and sunny and beautiful. 
Chad and I took the goats for a walk in the yard and I snapped this picture of the girls' climbing tree. 
Next to a concrete pole that's been here since about forever. 
These concrete poles are dotted throughout our property. 
Bygones of long ago fences. 

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  1. I always like remaining parts of old fences/posts. :)