Thursday, February 20, 2014

From Ice To Sushi...With Love

Monday we had an ice storm. 
Our power went out. 
Zoe read a real book...GASP!
I read a book. 
Gigi played Minecraft (because she can't read yet.)
I baked cheese biscuits. 
I chipped ice off of the barn door to get in. 
But the bottom of the door wouldn't open. 
I had to fetch the 9 year old and I threw her over the door (it's a Dutch door!) so that she could open the side door to the barn. 

Tuesday the sun came out. 
The glorious sun that I don't think we've seen in a month and a half. 
The twins took a nap on Zoe's bed. 
Firecracker was sure to get his face right into the sunbeam that was gliding in through the window. 

Wednesday Zoe had her bi-monthly blood draw. 
Once again, it didn't go well. 
Dr. Brandt (who is said to be the best darn blood drawer in the office) gave it a go. 
Tears cascaded down my sweet girl's face. 
So I took her to Sonic after. 

Sushi day. 
Spicy tuna rolls and some California rolls. 
It made up for the Sonic food I ate the day before. 

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  1. I HATE blood draws! Thinking of watching my child do it bi-monthly makes me cringe. Hang in there, girls!