Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monday Thru Wednesday

I snapped a shot of one of the buildings at Millikin University. 
Its a very pretty and old campus. 
Lots of gothic, and reportedly haunted, buildings. 
We spend a lot of time here since this is where Chad works and where Zoe takes piano lessons. 
It's a little Midwest gem that Decatur doesn't promote enough. 

Tuesday was Zoe's 9th Birthday. Gigi and I took her lunch and ate with her in the cafeteria. 
Then we passed out cookies that I had made to help her class celebrate with her. 
Gigi fit right in and we spent about 30 minutes in her classroom. 
Her teacher was absent on Tuesday so she had a sub. 
And what a sub she was...Zoe's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Calvert, who we adore!

Wednesday saw Gigi and I at the dentist. 
She's very good there and they counted 20 teeth in her mouth. 
I, on the other hand, have a fracture in a tooth and they recommend getting a crown. 


  1. I would love for you guys to give us a campus tour one day. I have only been once in high school for a conference.

    A sub that you love, what an unexpected blessing!

    Ugh for the crown. I need a trip to the so overdue that I am starting to dread the bill already. :(

  2. we should take a trip to Chicago to take pics of cool, old buildings. :)