Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friends-Near and Far

I met some friends for breakfast today and while we may only meet up once every month or so, it's a well needed meet up that my life craves. 
I've also been meeting another friend for lunch as often as we can. 
She only has an hour to eat because she's a working mom, so we stuff in as much talk as we can...our kids, our husbands, family, friends, general gossip...while stuffing our mouths with some fabulous food. 
It's been hard to find people that I can really connect with. 
Everyone seems so busy with their own kids and hectic schedules. 
But, if you really mean to connect with someone else you need to make an effort. 
And the ladies I've been meeting up with seem to understand this and we all make an effort. 
And I am really thankful for them. 
Being a stay at home mom can be isolating. 
Especially in the winter. 

My "old" friends all live far away. 
Old as in, we have known one another for 20 plus years. 
One friend I have had for 38 years. 
Holy shit!
I think we went to pre-school together, but I don't remember that, so I'm starting in kindergarten. 
I have photographic evidence of that. 
My 38 years friend and I text quite often. 
She's someone I can always find time for as she always finds time for me. 
And she lives in Texas. 
Where everything is big, but a friendship is held tight and close and miles mean nothing. 

I recently found out that one of my college friends hurt herself. 
As in "broken bones within her body" hurt. 
That totally sucks. 
But what sucked even more was that I didn't know. 
For 2 weeks!
What the?!
Someone dropped the ball there and I don't mean the friend who broke herself. 
I may live hours away from my northern Illinois friends but I still care what happens to them. 
I still care when bones are broken or hearts are broken or illness comes knocking. 
I may not be able to rush them to the doctor or drop dinner off. 
I really wish I could. 
But I can lend them an ear. 
My ear who will hear all of the pain they are enduring and for them to know they aren't alone. 
I know how important that is. 
I've been to a bad place with my daughter's illness and I'm so very thankful for the supportive ears and hearts my friends reached out to me with. 
I'm glad I sent a text to my friend telling her about the new book I got. 
Because of that random text she told me she was injured. 
And a care package is on it's way to her. 
Because she's my friend. 
And we all need good friends...


  1. I am glad we are friends! Love to you, woman!

  2. I soooooo missed being with you ladies today...and the doughnuts. :)