Monday, February 24, 2014

4 Days...A Guy From Houston

My nephew Anthony was visiting the family last week. 
He lives in Houston where he's some bigwig airport "security/wildlife coordinator for critters on the runway/stare down the shifty guys and tell them to leave if they ain't gonna buy a ticket anywhere" guy. 
I was 15 when he was born. 
He was a funny kid and has grown up to be a great man. 
I taught him everything he knows!
My girls adore their cousin Anthony. 
He always calls them on their birthdays and sends them funny cards in the mail. 
We traveled to Houston a few Springs ago and want to go back soon. 
It's a fun city with a fun relative residing within its borders. 
We heart Anthony. 

Saturday I traveled to Arthur, IL. 
It's where the Amish live. 
I met some friends for a fab breakfast buffet that was homemade by the Amish. 
My God, they make the BEST bacon EVAH!
As I was leaving breakfast I drove past Dollar General. 
I was surprised that there were so many horse and buggies parked outside. 
The dichotomy of old world travel stationed outside of a 21st century store. 
I bet these buggies travel back to their respective homes full of boxed mac and cheese, dish soap, and Nutter Butters. 

Sunday we saw more cousins. 
It was cousin Ty's birthday. 
He's 11. 
And a huge Dr. Who fan. 
So we had a cake with that telephone booth on it and some pretzel sticks fashioned into this wand thing they are holding.
These girls love Ty. 
They laugh at everything he says and they love to run wildly around for no apparent reason. 
And somehow, Zoe and Ty have the same squinty eyes. 

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to eat dinner with the Houston cousin again. 
His sister, our niece Allison, was there, too. 
As were my bro and sis-in-law. 
My kids are young, my brother's kids are older. 
My parents have been grandparents for a long time. 
This picture is a hoot because I managed to get Zoe just as she jabbed Anthony in the throat with her elbow...

And the immediate reaction and laughter!

A movie making comedic genius has passed away. 
Chicago native Harold Ramis. 
A star of classic movies like Ghostbusters and Stripes and the writer/director of Caddyshack, Vacation, and Groundhog Day, to name but a few. 
I have this picture on the side of my fridge. 
It's Bill Murray and Andie McDowell along with a bunch of Chicago guys (I mean if these guys don't scream CHICAGO I don't know who would!) while filming Groundhog Day in Woodstock, IL. 
Chad and I briefly thought of moving to Woodstock. 
It's got a nice rural vibe and it's not far from the city. 
Anywho, I found this picture years ago in a drawer in the kitchen of an animal hospital I worked at in Chicago. 
I took it. 
If it was important, why was it in the silverware drawer?
I just love it. 
And it's my way-off the spectrum connection to the great and amazing Harold Ramis. 

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  1. yeah, those AMish might as well get electricity into their has been around long enough that I figure it should be on their allowed list. :) " bet these buggies travel back to their respective homes full of boxed mac and cheese, dish soap, and Nutter Butters." Yep - I bet you are right. :)