Monday, January 27, 2014

Who's The Better Person?

Being a better person. 
It's a statement that's easier said than done. 
I'm working on it, though. 
I read an article recently online, two different articles really, that expressed the thought that being a kind person reflects on your friendships that you have as an adult and how your children treat their own friends. 
I've been known to express my feelings to quickly to my daughter about something a friend has done or said to her. 
I "take sides" and have said things to her that she doesn't comprehend. 
I need to learn to smile, say something good about the situation, and keep my real thoughts to myself. 
Thoughts I'll tell my husband later on, mind you. 
It's hard to do, though. 
She's my kid. 
My everything. 
How DARE you hurt my everything's feelings!  
I do tell her to stand up for herself, to find the good in others, blah, blah, blah. 
What I need to keep to myself are the "well, she's not coming over to our house ever again, guuurrrl" and "she's not that cute anyway."  
And I need to remember these things when I am with my adult friends. 
My newer adult friends are easier to deal with. 
It's those ladies I have known since I had a lesbian-short hairdo and wore a bolo to dress up my outfit that I need to work on most. 
We can get darn snarky about people we know.
And I hate that!
I want to be a better person. 
I really, really wanna. 
I want to have a group of girlfriends that genuinely like one another and who want to be together. 
I want us all to work on this. 
I want this to happen so my daughters can see this and benefit from the strong bond that females can have with one another. 
Without the snark. 
Without the rolled eyes. 
Without the desire to outdo one another. 
But I'll always have my husband to talk to...he just listens and nods his head. 
He's really the better person. 

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