Saturday, January 25, 2014

Four Days

Zoe had school two days this week. 
Usually it's five days a week, but there was a holiday and then freezing temps that kept school closed.
I pick her up at Gigi's primary school at 3:00. 
Zoe goes to the intermediate school two towns over from our house. 
There's a shuttle bus between the two schools. 
It's a wide-spread school district that encompasses four different postal addresses. 
This is what I see in my rear-view mirror Monday-Friday at 3:00. 
She's in the big green coat. 
This was Wednesday. 

Thursday evening is piano. 
Spring lessons started this week. 
Hue is her teacher. 
She's a professor at Millikin University.
She's from Korea and her parents live in Evanston, IL. 
Zoe was born in Evanston. 
It's a funny coincidence, really. 
She and Zoe have a very good rapport.  
Zoe made her a loom bracelet. 

On Friday I had a lunch date with my friend Dawn. 
We both love Thai food and make Jasmine Thai our lunch spot. 
I love chicken pad thai with a side of peanut sauce that I drizzle all over my noodles. 
I wish I could eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I loaded up the dishwasher this morning from yesterday's dirty dishes. 
I never need to pre-rinse my pasta sauce covered bowls, cheese saucey plates, or those hardened pieces of rice from forks. 
I have Willie. 

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  1. I LOVE Thai food - I also LOVE peanut sauce - I put it on my noodles after eating the chicken satay, I can also eat it all by itself - just spoon it up! Dogs cleaning floors and plates IS one things I DO miss about having a dog. I also like "Zoe made her a loom bracelet" I love little tid bits of information that does not seem important, but when all those tid bits of happiness are added up is what makes a good life. :)