Friday, January 24, 2014


Zoe does interesting things. 
Her brain functions in a manner sometimes that is not similar to her peers. 
She's artsy for sure and will never yearn to play sports again (she played t-ball and softball in years past).
She found this small notebook and the word "Blood" was already written down. 
She wrote a thought provoking sonnet. 
I think you can tell she's had cancer AND that she likes horror films...

Here's what she wrote without the spelling errors...
A cruel thing.
A red cruel thing. 
It drips from your cut
And then it stops
No more blood
You put (on) a bandage. 
The End

I'm still laughing about this. 
I immediately told her "you're the poet laureate of Dogwood Lane."
Anyone know what movie that line's from???


  1. I do, I do, I do!......just because I went to look it up. ;)

  2. It's in my top five of all time favorite movies!!