Friday, November 1, 2013

Year End Stress

I find the final months of the year to be stressful. 
There are so many things going on. 
Gigi's birthday. 
Extended Family Christmas Party (at my house this year). 
Christmas Eve and Day. 
These events in themselves aren't stressful. 
It's the planning and buying and guilt if I don't go all out. 
I do it all myself. 
No one helps me. 
I make lists, budget money, do the shopping, do the wrapping...
Do you, my blog readers, feel this way as well?
Do you feel the holiday hubbub surrounding you already and you need to get so many things done, bought, and planned?
Without enough money, help, or support? 

I refuse to let Christmas be a free for all for my kids.
They are getting just a few gifts from us. 
Now, grandparents are a different story. 
I do like the holidays, but this year I feel like I'm drowning. 
And it's only November 1st.  

1 comment:

  1. I feel busy at times, but mostly enjoy the holidays. I do most shopping is wonderful that packages just arrive on my porch way out here in BFE. I am the selfish BITCH that refuses to leave my house on X-mas day - it is a time to sit back and relax with my children and share in the few gifts they will receive from us. If people want to see us, they can come here. I like cooking a feast, but do not overextend myself. I enjoy baking and staying cozy warm in my home during the winter months with the people I love most. We rarely overdo it with gifts - people have too much shit they don't need or want anyway. If I were you, I would assign tasks to other people, assign cooking dishes to bring, etc. Make the bums help you. :) I imagine there will be some busy moments, but I focus on simplifying more and more and I feel much better than past years. I hope you can find some balance this holiday season.