Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Part 1of 2 in a series titled "Traditions" from my
blog group Homesteaders and Homeschoolers. 

1 a : an inheritedestablished, or customary pattern of thoughtaction, or behavior.
  • 2 : the handing down of informationbeliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.
When most people think of traditions they immediately think of holiday traditions. 
Christmas trees, turkeys, Easter egg hunts, firework displays. 
But traditions can mean everyday events as well. 
Eating dinner together at the table every night. 
Friday night movies. 
Making perogies from scratch with dad. 
And in our house, it means celebrating birthdays. 
Our children's birthdays. 
I don't really need a birthday celebration anymore. 
I don't want to be reminded of my age. 
But my kids, now that's a whole different story. 

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
A joyful day to remember that this child came into the world and we celebrate each new year of her life. 

As my daughters have gotten older and made friends we have ventured into parties with peers. 
Gigi will be having her first "girl friends" party this Saturday. 
I don't mind spending money to have a party for my kids to spend the day giggling and cavorting with their buddies. 
Money well spent I say.
It's not a burden.
It's a reason to celebrate this beautiful child's existence.
Everyone should be made to feel special once a year.
To know that they are loved and that others care for them.
It's a basic human feeling.
And having a party to celebrate your life is a perk you shouldn't withhold from your child.

It's a real life event to behold. 
The moment our children are born.
I remember both of my kid's births as if it were yesterday. 

And I mean to continue celebrating their lives each year on the day they arrived. 
I may become an embarrassment to them as they get older, but that's what a mom is for, right? 
When Zoe was diagnosed with cancer it stopped time for a bit. 
Would she have any more birthdays to celebrate?
Would we be able to see her grow into a young woman?
Into an adult?
I can't predict her future, but of course I'm overly hopeful. 
Birthdays are a reminder that our daughters are alive and they have breath to blow out their candles each year.
A tradition I will continue until I'm no longer able to breathe...


  1. I love making birthdays special! Good job, mama!

  2. What a great post! I always immediately think of holidays as well! Great reminder!