Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Sometimes I...

Make the kids eat dinner at home without pants or shirts on. 
Or just do meal time in their undies only. Because it's easier to get mustard, pizza grease, or ranch dressing off of skin than off of hot pink skinny jeans. 

Can't find my shoes. 
That I just took off. 

Just want to eat pie for dinner. 
Every night. 

Wish I lived in Hawaii. 
Where the weather is always warm and breezy and full of lushness. 
But I would miss the snow at Christmas. 

Wish I had a weather button where I could make it snow at my house for two weeks at Christmas. 
Then I would push the button and it would melt away. 

Think about the time that we heard of Zoe's cancer diagnosis and it seems so long ago. 
But at the same time it seems like only yesterday. 

Wish more people were willing to step out of their comfort zones to try something new. 
To interact with new people. 
Now, I don't really consider myself a social butterfly, but I do enjoy a good conversation. 
With neat people. 
You never know what you'll learn about them or yourself. 

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