Friday, November 8, 2013

Pictures Not Words

I have many things I would like to write about. 
There's a lot on my mind. 
Such as... 
Why do we have to live in a world that is so full of incentives for our children?
Why can't they do a good deed or something that is expected of them without getting a reward?
Example: Zoe's school is having a food drive this week. 
Bravo for them. 
The fact that they are asking kids (really their parents) to donate to a worthy cause should be enough. 
But the incentive to give MORE to the food bank was thrown out there...give more food, you will get candy. 
Throw up. 

And then there's the whole health care debacle. 
Hope my kid doesn't get cancer again. 
It's either less coverage equals a teeny bit more take home pay for our bank account OR more coverage and I'll be hitting up the food bank I just donated to.

And then there's the world of cancer moms. 
Not dads. 
Dads don't seem to get onto a FB group page and spill their hearts and fears and child's medical problems all over a social media site. 
Moms do that. 
Moms who don't have anyone to talk to. 
Moms who are stressed and stretched to the brink of insanity. 
And they let their anxieties and fears about their child's disease spill out to the masses and believe you me, the kid can sense that. 
These children aren't reading facebook, but they can read their mother's fears on her face as if she sprouted a third eye. 
And that's NOT going to help that child heal. 
At all. 

But, I don't want to gripe too much. 
It drains a person to have negativity surround them. 
I need to be drained of the fat in my body, not the bit of positive energy that's still holding onto my heart. 

So instead, please enjoy these pictures I took in my yard today...  

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