Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shutter Love

Part 1 of 2 in a series titled "Hobbies" from my
blog group Homesteaders and Homeschoolers
Snapping pictures with a camera is something I've always enjoyed doing.
I love the look of unposed shots. 
Snippets of life happening in the here and now to be loved later and then forever.
I also love taking pictures of my kids in unique areas. 
In a tunnel, a tree, a hole dug in the sand.
I can stay outside forever chasing bugs, birds, animals, and foliage blowing in the breeze to get a unique image. 
I've learned a few things in my life about taking pictures...

*take lots of shots of the same thing because only one will be "the one" and the rest will be crap. 
*be aware of your background. No one wants to see the pile of papers on your kitchen table or the garbage can to the right of your subject. 
*lay down on the ground, get on a ladder, stay very still and be very quiet. Doing these things will get you a great shot if you are patient and able to bend or stretch. 

I dig all of the photo modifying doohickeys that are available now. 
There used to be nothing to help a great shot become even greater. 
I've had all sorts of cameras. 
I still yearn for a great and uber expensive zoom lens, though. 

I once won a photography contest in Chicago. 
Our neighborhood of East Rogers Park held a contest in three different subjects.
The top photos were on display for a month at the coffee shop on the corner of Lunt and Sheridan. 
I submitted a picture in the abstract category and won a $100 prize!
Here's the backstory...
the beach that fall was covered in ladybugs. 
Everywhere you turned, they were in your hair, on your clothes, on your Starbucks latte cup. 
I snuggled myself down into the sand and snapped away.
I won in my category and someone bought the print in a silent auction. 
I hope they still have it and are enjoying it.
This copy is old and fuzzy and doesn't do it justice at all.  

Here are some shots of nature I've taken...

My dogs...

My kid and dog...

The scene in front of me...

I like shots that aren't centered. 
A lot. 

Random visions of adoration... 

And fun in motion...

Ordinary days...

Followed by frightening days captured forever in case we forget...

Close ups... 

And a day at the beach...

I know where every single picture was taken. 
I have the memory etched deep into my heart and head for each moment I've preserved.  

I hobby I could never live without. 


  1. NIce shots. Ok, so my next post is probably going to be about photography. I want to to a 365 photo a day project. Are you game? I would love somebody I know doing it with me. I am going to write more about it next week.

    1. I'm game Carla! Just tell me what to do!

    2. Yay! I will write more in a post next week with some ideas and you can add your thoughts. :)

  2. Love them all! But especially the adoration one. Only knowing you after the cancer it is easy to see the ease and innocence of the girls in that picture. You captured something special there. (goodness, it is making me cry!)