Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The holidays always get me thinking about inspirations. 
People who inspire me to do more. 
To be a better person. 
I still have a lot of work to do. 
It's hard being selfless. 
It's hard to stop your mouth from sputtering out negative things. 
I really need to work on that. 
I can become a bit too gossipy about people and I don't like that about myself. 
Did Mother Theresa gossip about so-and-so's husband?  
I think not. 
Now I know I'll never be anywhere close to Mother Theresa, but I do try to do things that help others. 
There's our whole license plate thing we are still working on. 
I don't do it for myself. 
I'm doing it for my daughter. 
And for Jake. 
And for the thousands of kids I don't know who have cancer. 
Or who don't yet know they'll have cancer. 
Because it can happen to anyone's kid. 
And it sucks. 
I'm inspired by the doctors who choose pediatric oncology as their chosen field. 
And the pediatric oncology nurses. 
They have to poke the kids with those sharp, frightening needles. 

There's my friend Carla who is currently a surrogate for a gay couple. 
She's been a surrogate one other time as well. 
Yes, it's a contracted situation. 
She carries a baby, they pay her. 
But who does that?!
Carrying a baby for someone else is hard!
The injections, the pills, the nausea. 
But she's giving these people the ultimate gift. 
A child of their own. 
How inspiring is that?!

People who go above and beyond to help people they don't even know inspire me to no end. 

Who inspires you?

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  1. Bunches of love is being sent to you, my friend! Thanks for the mention! :)