Friday, September 20, 2013

Young Love

Gigi has a boyfriend. 
Or two. 
She keeps talking about two particular boys in her class, but one gave her jewelry today. 
He must be in this fight for real. 
He's not going to let this other guy get ahead in the love game. 
It's funny to see this "young love" emerge. 
She has no idea what a boyfriend is. 
When I ask her "what makes J your boyfriend?"
She just giggles, gets shy, giggles some more, picks her nose, hits her sister whose making smootchy sounds. 

When Zoe was in preschool (and I was big and pregnant with Gigi) there was a boy in her class who was always giving me the Zoe-Lowdown...
"Hi Mrs Pramuk!  Zoe's getting her coat on right now!"
"Hi Mrs Pramuk!  ZOE!!  Your mom is here to pick you up!!"
I always thought, either he has a crush on Zoe or has a thing for fat, pregnant ladies. 

I remember when my nephew was in preschool. 
He would tell us he had five girlfriends at school. 
He's in his late twenties and still looking for true love. 
It's a long process for some. 
Preschool love turns into grade school crushes. 
Then for some, there's high school heartbreak and college flings. 
I'm hoping my girls always remember what's important. 
We instill these values into them already...
Education, Self, Community...
That's what's important. 
Crushes are fine. 
It's nice to know that others like to be near us, to enjoy our company. 
But, boys can come later. 
Like 30-years-old later. 
This boy in Gigi's class has come out with his guns a-blazin'. 
Homemade jewelry. 
This other kid better not try to up the ante with a puppy. 

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