Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Days

This last week has brought about much change for one member of our house. 
It's been hot. 
And some lying has been done. 

Zoe has been hanging out a lot on the couch this afternoon because of circumstances that occurred yesterday (see below).  
She wants to watch one thing on television. 
Gigi wants to watch something else. 
Back and forth. 
Mom and dad have both come to Zoe's
aid by grabbing the remote and looking through the Direct TV guide. 
Then telling Gigi loudly "sorry, but Goosebumps/Uncle Grandpa/Octonauts isn't on right now.  Zoe can watch Adventure Time/Gumball/whatever other junky show is on that she wants to watch."
Zoe isn't feeling so hot, so we are giving her tv time as first dibs. 
The shows that Gigi does want to watch are indeed on. 
We are lying to her because she can't read the Direct TV guide yet. 
And then Zoe, the magnificent reader and truth-teller extraordinaire, bursts out with "But, Goosebumps/Uncle Grandpa/Octonauts IS on!"
Her problem now. 

Zoe had surgery today. 
We had to get up before the roosters and drive the 45 minutes to the hospital with the stars overhead and the coffee hot in our travel mugs. 
She got her implanted port removed. 
Her first port was inserted under her skin in October of 2010. 
It has been used to take blood out of her body and to put chemo into her body. 
It had to removed because of infection. 
Then a new port was put in. 
This was her fourth port surgery and should be her last. 
This port was big and stuck out. 
We had a nickname for it. 
Nothing fun like Madge or Petunia Port. 
It was called The Peach Pit That Got Stuck On The Way Down
Because that's what it looked like. 
For real. 
So, she got her goofy juice (Versed) and went down to surgery around 8 in the morning. 
They gave her gas sedation through a mask that she had coated in berry scented lipgloss. 
For those that aren't familiar with pediatric surgery, this is a trick they use to make things go smoother. 
That and they give kids surgical hats covered in skulls and hearts to make everything seem so cool. 
We saw her again in the recovery room where she cried, vomited, slept, cried, vomited, got a new Barbie from the hospital, felt good enough to get dressed, then hitched herself into a wheelchair for a ride down to our car. 
Then we drove her home. 
She slept on the way back, but later chastised us for stopping at McDonald's without getting her anything.
"Ummm, you were sleeping?"
"I could smell it!!"

Gigi had her first dance class of the new season and whooped it up with her buddies. 
While I chatted with my friend Dawn in the waiting area about her new baby "little tiny man" and her new found adoration of Downton Abbey since she's been on maternity leave. 
I've told her about Call The Midwife. 

It was hot and the girls got out of school an hour early so we headed to CherryBerry for an afternoon treat and to get homework done. 
I had asked Zoe's teacher for work that she would be missing on Friday so she wouldn't have to worry about school over the weekend. 
She got it all done while enjoying her cup of yogurty goodness. 
Then we went home to swim. 
The weather was forecasted to get cooler and it was probably the last good day to swim after school. 

It was another scorching day.
Gigi and I went to the mall before school. 
She scored a new pair of light up sneakers. 
Those things are great in movie theaters. 
Gigi and I went swimming after school (which was an early dismissal) and then met dad at the local Mexican joint for dinner. 
Zoe was with the grandparents and ate dinner with them. 

Let's was hot. 
I think I had a sundae at DQ for lunch. 
Because it was hot. 

The Bears played and almost embarrassed their fans again. 
But they came out on top. 
Mostly because the other team started a fight at the end of the game and we got a first down out of it. 
Game over suckers!

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