Monday, September 23, 2013

Kids Need Us

I found this on another blog I read, Clover Lane
It's great because it's what I try to live by  Especially since we have lived with childhood cancer. 
I want my girls to enjoy their childhoods, but I want them to have the memories. 
Not just the stuff. 
I don't want to go hog wild at birthdays or Christmas. 
A few gifts that I know they will absolutley love are more memorable than a bunch of little nothings. 
And I don't feel like I need my girls to keep up with any kids at school.
I don't live with labels and name brands. 
My kids never match.
They are quirky and fun and have messy hair. 
That's what I have found to be important.
Because messy hair is better than no hair. 
Quirky and mismatched clothes means no more hospital gowns. 
We are essentially homebodies. 
Being driven around all of the time to go from one event to the next and then the next is not for us. 
We like being together. 
We eat dinner together at the table every evening. 
We encourage our girls to be their best in what they enjoy. 
They seem to enjoy the arts (whew!)...
Dance, painting, music. 
I've never been a fan of sports where you have to try out, to prove that you're better than others to play a game you enjoy. 
So, we will continue encouraging and helping our oldest daughter to heal and become a part of her own world. 
We encourage the outdoors, imagination, animals, sisterhood. 
We want them to know that love is all they really need. 
Not stuff.

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