Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sign Me Up

I don't think I'm doing such a great job with this mom stuff.
I think I need a class. 
I love a good class, ya know. 
I'll sign up for the classes listed in the brochure...
"Dealing With Mean Girls" 
"Just Stop (the cursing)!"

I find myself cursing too much. 
Not at the kids. 
Just cursing. 
I've some how turned into the latest hip/hop star who curses every other word on my latest album. 
I go by J*Bag. 
But my paycheck never came in the mail. 
I know it's a problem when the 4 1/2 year old belts out "where's the f'ing mirror?" or "butt, shit, damn."

And I tell you, having daughters in the 21st century is no piece of cake. 
There are already mean girls. 
Girls who say you're their friend one day and shun you the next. 
Bossy girls. 
Zoe loves school and proudly said so in front of her class for an assignment. 
Then got chastised by her "friend" for saying she likes school. 
There's her rude "friend" who feigns being dense, but I think she knows exactly what she's doing when she declares loudly in a group setting to her mother "can so-and-so come over tonight?!  Well, what about so-and-so?  Or so-and-so?"
And that so-and-so is never my daughter. 
I feel like I'm not sure how to really handle the mean girls. 
I do know mean girls come from mean moms. 
So, I try to stay positive. 
I remind Zoe what a great person she is constantly. 
I remind her there are lots of other girls she can associate with. 
Zoe is sweet, calm, good natured, a hard worker. 
Sometimes too mature for those she's in school with. 
We have done our share of inviting people over to play. 
But it never gets reciprocated. 
I think we have missed out on a lot of social things because we have been trying to simply keep our daughter alive these past three years. 

Ahhh, f*ck 'em.

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  1. I too have a potty far my children do not. Ugh. I hate being hypocritical with my kids about it!